Competence centers have been established in the company in the key areas:

  • Research, new product launch, audit and consulting
    We are seeking for new growth points for the current products and testing hypothesis in order to let you confidently invest in the development of new functions.
    We clarify user portraits and identify segments. We develop maps of user cases based on this data, compile a list of tasks and problems and also put forward hypotheses for their solution for further testing.
    Practices applied: JTBD (Jobs To Be Done), Customer Development, quantitative surveys, questionnaires.

    New product launch

    We help estimate the market and build a product concept. We make a list of starting hypotheses after conducting the necessary research, develop and launch the MVP and offer a roadmap for your product development.
    We can also help you enter a new segment, develop a new value proposition and adjust the positioning of the current product.

    Audit and consulting

    We can conduct an audit of software architecture, infrastructure and of the efficiency of the product development processes and network security. We will issue recommendations for the development and improvement of all indicators (security, fault tolerance, scalability, etc.), and also make a forecast about the development opportunities for your information systems.
  • Navigation solutions
    We created a navigation information platform – a ready-made basis for scaling your business.
  • Portal and integration solutions
    We developed a platform with an adaptable data model and a ready-to-use API: it is a universal solution that can be customized for any area of business and integrated with other solutions. It helps automate business processes and was built using the modern Open Source technologies and a well-tuned CI/CD process.

    It is also available as a functional mobile app and has developed personal accounts for all types of users (customer, partner, employee and system operator).
  • Payment solutions and a trusted environment
    We can build a payment infrastructure for your business and provide a trusted secure environment for the reliable data exchange. We will help you develop loyalty systems and authentication and authorization processes.
  • Technical support
    We support and maintain the operability of the infrastructure and software that we offered: we eliminate malfunctions, fix bugs and consult on all operational issues. The technical support team is available 24/7. We also provide access to the self-service portal, where the knowledge base on typical questions is stored.
  • Project management
    We build processes depending on your objectives, no matter classical project management or agile methods. The team consists of professionals with a great expert knowledge:

    — MBA;
    — PMP;
    — Agile Professional and Agile Coaching certification;
    — Kanban Design development management method;
    — implementation of ITIL practices;
    — implementation and internal audit of the ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system.
  • Development
    We master programming languages (Java, JavaScript, PL/SQL, C/C++) and use a wide technology stack (Angular, .NET, Spring, MyBatis, Vert.x, Apache CXF, Apache FOP, Jersey, Sonic ESB, Asterisk, WPF, jQuery, Hazelcast, etc).
  • Data repository creation, data management, analytics and artificial intelligence
    We can analyze your data (BI, statistical methods, machine learning and AI) and discover hidden dependencies and patterns. The scattered data will be transformed into a single source of verified information. To solve the problem, we offer a platform that will meet several business tasks at a time: it helps provide company employees with the necessary information and exchange data with partner organizations.

    We use only freeware and Russian software.

Contact us

12, Ozerkovskaya naberezhnaya,
Moscow, 115184